Zhao Yingzi Develops a Bad Rep on “Sisters Who Make Waves S3?

Ride the Waves
Zhao Yingzi, Ning JIng and Gillian Chung on Sisters Who Make Waves
Zhao Yingzi (L) Ning Jing (Centre) Gillian Chung (R)

Survival show Sisters Who Make Waves 3 乘风破浪 was supposed to give the talented jiejies a second chance at their careers. But for actress Zhao Yingzi, the opposite seems to hold true since she’s beginning to get herself a bad rep and not, as she’d probably hoped when she joined the show, a lot of love from viewers. In particular, the actress appeared to be a wee bit sensitive to a critique from TWINS singer Gillian Chung, who she said is too blunt.

Calling Out Gillian Cheung

For the show’s recent episode, Gillian, Ning Jing and Zhao Yingzi teamed up to perform their very first stage together. However, behind the scenes footage shows there might be a spot of friction brewing between Gillian and Yingzi. “You usually talk to your friends in the same manner right? Pretty direct and straight?” asked Yingzi. Turns out during rehearsals, Gillian told Yingzi to loosen up a bit whilst performing, telling her that “your eyes look emotionless. Don’t be so stiff”.

The comment didn’t appear to sit well with Yingzi, the team’s captain had to jump in to smooth things over. She counseled Yingzi “I feel like in life, it’s better to have someone willing to give it to you straight rather than having someone who will laugh at you and stab you behind the back. You seem to be the type of person who is very sensitive to a lot of things, you can control these things.” Perhaps realizing that she may have been too blunt, Gillian quickly turned to her to apologise and said “I’m sorry”. Yingzi meanwhile, brushed it off saying “it’s okay, it’s my own problem, I’m too sensitive”. Nonetheless, the pair hugged it out later on.

But It’s Not the First Time

Many Netizens however feel like Gillian’s apology was completely unnecessary and that Zhao Yingzi was simply blowing things out of proportion. Then again, there’s probably a wee bit of bias against her since she’s already had one strike when she mistakenly referred to the other half of TWINS’ Charlene Choi as Gillian.

Zhao Yingzi explains they looked too alike to which Charlene responds, “You’ve already been talking for a day and still got mixed up?… too funny.” However, Netizens weren’t amused. Maybe that’s the reason why there are comments saying they hope she’d be eliminated soon.

ZHao Yingzi
“What did I do wrong”

In the face of all the criticism and the trending hashtag “Zhao Yingzi Awkward“, Zhao Yingzi responded with a meme which she captioned “I’m sorry for making everyone cringe so bad your toes curl up on Sisters Who Make Waves. I can only comfort you. (On the bright side) the awkwardness allows you to exercise your toes “ referring to how people unconsciously dig in their toes from embarrassment. The meme says “what did I do wrong?”

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