Sammi Cheng Flashes Her Amazingly Toned Arms in Concert

Photo: Sammi Cheng/ Weibo
Sammi Cheng flexes her seriously toned arms

49-year-old Sammi Cheng who will usher in her birthday this August is giving me some MAJOR bicep envy (if that’s even a thing) right now it’s leaving my entire workout routine in shame. The singer and actress joined her friend Jade Kwan as a guest in her concert recently. And boy, those super toned arms she’s flexing is seriously AMAZING. I reckon all those at home workout routines she’s so fond of sharing on social media sure is paying off majorly!

As for turning 50 in two month’s time, Sammi doesn’t let that fact keep her from living her best life. “Age shouldn’t prevent you from being the best version of yourself at any age. You don’t have live like you’re still 18 or 22 at the age of 50. What you can do is to live well ” she shared in on her many social media posts.

Sammi Cheng Flashes Her Amazingly Toned Arms
Sammi wore a backless tuxedo style halter top which perfectly showed off her envy inducing toned figure.

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