Sammi Cheng Walks Away Without Best Actress Award for the Sixth Time as Zhou Dongyu Wins for Better Days

sammi cheng
Last night’s Hong Kong Film Awards should have been a big shindig, but because of the COVID-19 outbreak, all the glitz and glamour we normally associate with awards night have taken a backseat in favour of a pretty low key virtual awarding ceremony this year out of respect for social distancing measures. Nonetheless, there was no shortage of “bling” for the film Better Days which nabbed a total of eight shiny statues including Best Film, Best Director, Best New Performer for Jackson Yee and Best Actress for Zhou Dongyu who beat out Sammi Cheng for the coveted prize despite the latter’s two nominations for her movies Fatal Visit and Fagara.
After a tumultuous last year, I’m a little bit bummed out that Sammi walked away once again empty handed. But Zhou Dongyu definitely gave her a run for her money with a riveting performance as Chen Nian and even committed 100% by lobbing off her hair for the role. 

Ever the optimist, Sammi cheerfully writes a little message on her Instagram despite the loss: “the dust has finally settled. This is the sixth time in my life. A big congratulations to all the winners! Although this might be considered a bit old-fashioned, I also want to say that I will continue to work hard! I sincerely thank every filmmaker who had given me the opportunity to act. Thank you to the Hong Kong Film Awards for giving me twice the nominations which is in itself already a big encouragement. Zhou Dongyu’s performance was really dazzling and she really deserves to get the award.” The actress also adds “also, I’m sorry for disappointing everyone for the sixth time. Thank you to the Heavenly Father for his plans and purpose. I’m still young and strong, so I’ll continue to work hard!” I’m keeping my fingers crossed that seventh time’s FINALLY the charm for her to bring home an award the next time.
I say, even though the actress emerged empty handed once again this year, her glowy youthful look is certainly a winner in my books! Doesn’t she look so fresh?
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