Jia Nailiang Responds As Company He Invested In Is Fined for Tax Evasion

Jia Nailiang
Jia Nailing
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Jia Nailiang recently took to social media to share his thoughts after one of the companies he invested in was fined for tax evasion. “I’ve invested in two to three companies in the past few years. I really have neither the authority or the know-how to take part in the company’s day to day operations and management. These past few years, I have never received any returns from the companies I invested in. Today’s trending topic on the hot search forced me to reflect deeply on myself. In the future, I will strengthen communication with the management team and conduct regular supervision and inspection. From now on, this “investment black hole” (referring to himself) should stay away from investments and reflect deeply”, he wrote.

The company in question is called the Hangzhou Wanhe Network Technology Co. Ltd which ran into trouble with the tax authorities and was forced to pay RMB 172,600 (US$ 25.6k) in fines. Media reports say that the Jia Nailiang owned Nanjing Liangshan Tianxia Film and Television Culture Studio  南京亮闪天下影视文化工作室 owned 4% of the company’s shares after putting in RMB 100,000 (close to US$ 15,000) for its start-up capital.

Li Xiaolu Also Clarifies Her Involvement

Likewise, the actor’s ex-wife Li Xiaolu whose name was also listed as a shareholder issued her own statement. In it, she said the original vision of the company when it was founded was to photograph beautiful memories of children as they grew up. However, what it did after that, neither she nor her Studio were informed. The company also did not allow her Studio to get involved. In July or August of 2021, she said Hangzhou Wanhe informed her Studio that it was going to shut down operations due to business difficulties. She said her Studio consented to that arrangement.

Meanwhile, Hangzhou Wanhe – the company in the middle of all this, released two separate statements. They confirmed they have already paid the fines and have “deeply reflected” on their actions. They also apologised to Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu about negative impact the news had on them.

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