Huang Xiaoming Gets a “Newly” Square Jawline Thanks to His Swollen Wisdom Teeth

Huang Xiaoming Gets a "Newly" Square Jawline Thanks to His Swollen Wisdom Teeth

Happy Sunday everyone! I suppose it’s not too farfetched to say getting your wisdom teeth erupt is definitely NOT an experience anyone would care to repeat. Remember the swollen cheeks that look like somebody punched you and the incoherent ramblings post-op for anyone that got theirs extracted? Nope, definitely not a fun experience. Those post surgery frozen treats however … I’d take ice cream over the extraction thank you very much. 44-year-old Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming looks like he has some recent problems with his wisdom teeth. He definitely has the swollen cheek to prove it.

Taking a selfie of himself with his “newly” square jawline, the actor captioned his post with “Wisdom teeth, retreat! Retreat! Retreat!” He also asked for some bit of advise on how to reduce the swelling. The actor’s fans sure didn’t disappoint with tips such as icing it or gargling with salt water came pouring in. My favourites though are the ones telling him to eat ice cream!

Aside from that however, his fans also managed to get in some good natured ribbing, teasing him for having his wisdom teeth erupt at his age (Huang Xiaoming is 44). Another laughingly commented instead of Huang Xiaoming, he accidentally became “Fang” Xiaoming – a play on his last name Huang except fang means “square” since his swollen cheek does indeed look a little bit square-ish on the left side.

Gotta hand it to him though, despite the swelling, the actor seems to be already back at work where he’s getting his hair and makeup done in the photo.

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