Huang Xiaoming Celebrates 43rd Birthday, Whether Angelababy Greeted Becomes a Topic of Interest Again

Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming seems like he’s having the time of his life celebrating his 43rd birthday on November 13 as he proudly shared a clip of his 3-year-old son nicknamed “Little Sponge,” singing him happy birthday and softly saying, “Daddy, I love you. Happy birthday!” 

“For the first time in my life, my son sang a birthday song for me,” wrote Huang Xiaoming in the caption. But what got some people raising their eyebrows is wife Angelababy who did not greet Huang Xiaoming happy birthday on social media.

The couple have faced divorce rumors repeatedly throughout their marriage especially since they have kept a very low profile in recent years which is a stark contrast to their extravagant wedding and high-profile relationship when they were dating.

It can be recalled that Xiaoming greeted Angelababy earlier this year when she celebrated her 31st birthday last February 28. In turn, Angelababy has taken the habit of greeting Huang Xiaoming on social media for the past few years now which is why some are extra sensitive to sudden her lack of a greeting this year. Honestly, she could’ve just chosen not to for whatever reason, maybe she just didn’t want to deal with all the gossip.

Wishing Huang Xiaoming a Happy Birthday! 

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