Angelababy Gets a Greeting From Husband Huang Xiaoming on Her 31st Birthday

Would you believe that Angelababy turned 31 today?
That’s right! It’s the beautiful actress’s birthday! Looking at her youthful face, it’s hard to fathom that she has reached the end of the calendar while here I am, younger than her, struggling to do all sorts of skincare routine just to look decent. While there has been an outpour of greetings from her fans, one well-wisher was a delight to see. Her husband Huang Xiaoming greeted her only seconds past midnight saying, “Wifey, happy birthday ❤️.

I know I know. It’s common for spouses to greet each other during special days but since the two are often hounded with divorce rumors and the latest being Huang Xiaoming’s alleged cheating scandal (which was false!), it’s nice to see that they’re relationship isn’t affected. With Huang Xiaoming in isolation right now, they may not be able to celebrate this occasion together but I still hope Angelababy will have a splendid time on her birthday! 
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