Edison Chen Chided for Posing “Inappropriately” in Photo

Edison Chen Chided for Posing "Inappropriately" in Photo
Photo: Edison Chen @edcee3000 / Instagram

41-year-old Edison Chen recently raised a lot of eyebrows after he shared a photo of himself posing in front of an art piece depicting a half-naked woman. Whether he was attempting to make the photo a little more PG by covering the exposed chest of the lady or whether he was in fact just being cheeky, we don’t really know. However, Netizens chided him for getting a little bit “fresh” and acting inappropriately, especially since he’s a celebrity that gets a lot of attention.

You were idol, please don’t do that” scolded one Netizen.  Another added that “although whatever you do is part and parcel of a person’s freedom, I still would want to say this is really unnecessary.” People mostly just found the post to be a little too much. However those who have longer memories must be remembering his past sex scandals when they commented that it must be hard for him to change his nature or that “he was still like this”.

In 2008, Edison Chen was forced to step away from the industry after a sex photo scandal involving several known female celebs shocked everyone and made him practically untouchable. It took several years later in 2016 when he was finally able to make his showbiz comeback.

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