Cecilia Cheung Opens Up About Edison Chen’s Photo Scandal After 11 Years

Cecilia Cheung Opens Up About Edison Chen’s Photo Scandal After 11 Years
Actress Cecilia Cheung has been through a lot since she debuted in showbiz at 18 years old. Probably the most shocking event in her life was when her name was dragged into Edison Chen‘s photo scandal way back in 2008 when several nude pictures that Edison took of women he was with in the past were leaked online. With Cecilia being one of them, the scandal greatly affected her reputation and her career.  

Cecilia recently appeared on the show Middle Me 女人30+ where she opens up about the incident for the first time. She says that life isn’t just about focusing on the good things and although she had made mistakes in the past, she never regretted anything. Instead, she chose to accept and take responsibility for her actions.  She talks about “harm and attack” which we surmised as pertaining to the events years ago. She tearfully admitted that the emotional damage she suffered were extreme.  
With the birth of her third son, netizens have speculated nonstop regarding the identity of the biological father even though Cecilia has remained silent on the matter.  She did share her perspective towards love and her willingness to love without reservations. Even if it results in heartbreak, it’s also a kind of experience. She wants to find her soulmate, someone to talk to, someone to share burdens with and to walk the road ahead. Cecilia says that she’s happy and fortunate at age 38. She says that women are strong and don’t need to depend on others to get what they want. Meanwhile, Cecilia remains active in most social media platforms, sharing photos of her daily life and her kids. 
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