Ada Choi and Her Family Move Back Home to Hong Kong?

Photo: Ada Choi / Weibo

A year after upping stakes to move to Shanghai, it appears Ada Choi and Max Zhang may have already returned back home to Hong Kong with their three young kids in tow. Hong Kong media reports that the actress’ luxurious four bedroom flat located in Shanghai’s city centre has already been put up for lease. Moreover, the real estate agent supposedly handling the property also indicated the family of five had already moved out of the home and that the flat is immediately available.

Meanwhile, enterprising fans have taken to comparing the photos on the flat’s real estate listing versus clips from the many home videos shared by Ada and husband Max Zhang on social media. Since the layout of the flat and the remaining furniture in it are very similar, many have concluded that it’s the same one.

Living It Up In Shanghai

Previously, Ada revealed on reality show 送一百位女孩回家 how much she loved living in her new home city. Amongst the things that she loved about living there were the multiple conveniences available such as online shopping delivered straight to your doorstep. There’s also the ease and availability of ride hailing services you can take from anywhere. Ada also praised the public sharing bicycle system which also made getting around town extremely convenient and affordable. “It couldn’t be better” she gushed.

Given how much she seems to love living in Shanghai, it’s a wee bit strange that she’s suddenly moving back home. Could it be that all this just means they’ve moved flats? Then again, perhaps the months long lockdown the city just came out off, the food shortages and rising inflation may have played a part in their decision.

Ada Choi
Here’s Ada attempting to grow some veggies on their terrace
Photo: Max Zhang / Weibo

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