Zhang Zhehan Resurfaces in New Instagram Video, He Previously Wrote About a Former Colleague Assumed to be Simon Gong Jun

Zhang Zhehan
Zhang Zhehan
Those who use crooked ways to benefit themselves, I believe in karma.

The online community is once again abuzz over the newest video shared on Zhang Zhehan’s Instagram account last night. In the six minute video, the actor referred to a person who continued to make getting back to his feet harder by pushing him down. “Someone who used my childhood pictures in a variety show to make fans speculate. It’s really pushed me down”. At the beginning of the clip, he said everyone probably read the handwritten letter he previously shared.

Zhang Zhehan also added that just because he’s famous, it doesn’t mean that things are easier for him. Maybe being famous is the real culprit he says since everyone is only looking out for ways to benefit. He said he never imagined the lengths people are willing to go to and how people wouldn’t hesitate to drop a lot of money to pay YXH (营销号) accounts and water armies to spread falsehoods. However, he also believes these people will have it coming. “Those who use crooked ways to benefit themselves, I believe in karma.”

Full video with English translations. You decide.

Despite all the things that have been thrown at him, the actor says he’s slowly getting back to his feet. He’s trying out new things like writing, studying psychology and even practising guitar to heal himself. He’s also writing new lyrics now and composing songs.

“Break-Up Letter”

Before releasing the video on Instagram, Zhang Zhehan actually published a handwritten letter on April 30 essentially cutting ties with what many surmise to be his Word of Honor co-star Simon Gong Jun. To be fair, the actor didn’t actually name any names on his post, but from the various hints dropped, Netizens think he’s referring to Gong Jun.

In his letter, the actor first expressed his heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped and supported him throughout his ordeal. It is because of their trust and their support that he persevered, he said. The actor said that he firmly believes justice will eventually come. As for fans who supported his pairing with the “other star” of the series Word of Honor, he said that in order to live up to this support that he had no choice but to set things straight. First, Zhang Zhehan said he and his former colleague haven’t had any personal interaction save for some promotional activities requiring their cooperation. Otherwise, they’ve had no contact since June 2021. He also said he was baffled at why he kept appearing (intentionally or unintentionally) in promotional materials for stuff “the other party” endorses.

Finally, he pleads for people reading the letter to respect basic common sense and rationality, to not to be deluded by those with ulterior motives into hurting his family and friends.


With his recent social media updates, Zhang Zhehan has received many supportive comments. However, there have been questions by some around why he wrote the letter and what he stands to gain from dissociating himself with Gong Jun the way he did here. Of all the things he could’ve chosen to talk about given his long hiatus from social media, why talk a lot about his “couple pairing” rather than how he’s been doing or updates on his ongoing case against CAPA. There have also been doubts on whether he remains in control of his only remaining platform. That’s probably one of the reasons that prompted his video post.

As for the video, there’s no doubt that the clip was indeed shared on his account. However, opinion is still split on whether the video is real especially with the existence of deep fake tech.

Update May 5: Netizens noticed that his social media posts cannot be found as his IG page zhangzhehan_super3 is suddenly no longer available. 2nd Update: He is back on IG!

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