Jing Tian Fined 7.2 Million RMB for ‘False Advertising’

Jing Tian
Jing Tian
Photo: Jing Tian / Weibo

Rattan actress Jing Tian is in a bit of a bind after China’s market advertising regulators deemed her endorsement of a food supplement, illegal. The actress was fined 7.2212 million RMB (approximately US$ 1.07 million) in total which included the 2.579 million she earned for the endorsement plus 4.64 million in fines for breaking the law.

According to reports, the food supplement the actress endorsed did not have any proven health benefits. Yet Jing Tian claimed in the ad that the product was effective in “blocking the absorption of fat and sugar”. This violates consumer advertising laws which state that companies cannot falsely advertise the efficacy of its products without it being proven and verified.

Meanwhile, the actress quickly issued a statement to apologise. Also acknowledging the negative impact the inadequate review (of the product) when they signed the contract may have had on consumers who trusted her, she said she fully accepts the decision of the regulatory body and that she has already paid the fine in full. Moreover, Jing Tian promised “in my future collaborations, I will continue to adhere to the principle that I have a big responsibility towards consumers and will never endorse any such related products in the future.”

Jing Tian Statement

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