“Forbidden Love” Pairs Up Dylan Wang and Yukee Chen in Their First Collaboration

Forbidden Love 浮图缘, a historical romance series, shot in Hengdian last year finally dropped new promos this week. The title is very telling with a story about two people who cannot be together due to their status. Dylan Wang plays Xiao Duo, a man holding great power who helps overthrow the previous regime, while Yukee Chen Yuqi plays Bu Yinlou, the previous emperor’s concubine.


Bu Yinlou never truly became the emperor’s woman and was supposed to be buried with him after his death. However, she catches the eye of the new emperor Fu Wang, played by Peter Ho, who commissions Xiao Duo to save her. Xiao Duo hides Bu Yinlou at his manor and of course, like most stories go, they end up being sweetly in love. According to the source novel by You Si Jie 尤四姐, Xiao Duo’s main protagonist is a high-ranking (fake?) eunuch who is cold and merciless. He restrains his feelings for the heroine at first until they reveal their true feelings for each other. Due to the many obstacles in their way, Bu Yinlou decides to sacrifice herself by entering the palace.

A Second Collaboration

Forbidden Love is produced by iQIYI and Straw Bear. It brings together Dylan Wang and Yukee Chen in their first collaboration together. Dylan Wang who made his acting debut in Meteor Garden 2018 seems to be churning out dramas as he went straight to filming for Forbidden Love right after he wrapped Love Between Fairy and Devil June of last year. Likewise, Yukee who actually started out as an extra has been headlining back to back dramas. Interestingly, the two have gone on to film the workplace drama Never Give Up 今日宜加油 as co-stars for the second time alongside Ryan Zheng Kai.

Last but not the least, it’ll be interesting to see Hong Kong-Taiwanese singer-actor Peter Ho who also works behind the scenes as a director-filmmaker back in a historical drama. Actress Zeng Li plays the empress.

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