Eric Yang Le and Uvin Wang Yuwen’s Relationship Going Strong? The Two Are Spotted Again by Paparazzi

Yang Jue and Wang Yuwen

Are they or aren’t they? Nothing But Thirty star Eric Yang Le and the 24-year-old actress Uvin Wang Yuwen who is 10 years his junior are in the spotlight again. The two were spotted by paparazzi walking hand in hand whilst out for a night on the town. It was only a month ago that paparazzi took photos of Wang Yuwen and actor Chen Youwei together. Although Chen Youwei denied any relationship between them, this led to speculation that her romance with rumoured boyfriend Yang Le had already soured.

Going Strong

Eric Yang Jue and Uvin Wang Yuwen's Relationship Going Strong? The Two Are Spotted Again by Paparazzi

Contrary to claims of a split, recent paparazzi photos show the two strolling the streets of Hengdian hand in hand. On a separate occasion, they were snapped holding hands before hopping onto a bicycle and cycling off. Wang Yuwen hung onto Yang Le’s waist as they navigated the road, occasionally resting her head on his back. When it started to pour down with rain, she then took selfies of them cycling to document the TV moment.

Yang Le and Wang Yuwen both play supporting roles in the upcoming modern drama In Spite of the Strong Wind, which wrapped filming in early 2021. A few months later, their rumoured romance was supposedly outed publicly when they were photographed together in July. However, the couple never truly confirmed that they were in a relationship.

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