Yin Zheng Tells Everyone Calling Him “Ugly and Chubby” to Give Him A Break

Yin Zheng

Poor Yin Zheng. The Winter Begonia actor was forced to issue a statement yesterday telling people to give him a break after being bashed online for his weight gain. Behind the scenes photos from his latest historical drama Blocking the Sky 遮天 started making the rounds online recently, making him the recipient of some not so nice comments from Netizens unhappy about his appearance. With his hair tightly pulled up into a bun for the role, Yin Zheng’s much rounder cheeks were quite obvious.  

I am who I am. My public image is just an expectation others built up in their heads. I just wanna document my life, feel healthy and then share them with everyone.” he said. As for those calling him “ugly”, Yin Zheng readily admits he’s not good looking, however he also asked bashers what’s the advantage to them in banging on and on about it?

As for those criticising his appearance in those leaked BTS photos of him on set, “I admit it. I’m ugly, I’m not nice to look at. I’m just a super unpopular actor who just wants to act well… as soon as unflattering photos of me become public, comments such as “failed dieting” or “ugly” always follow. So please, just stop it. It’s been a while since I’ve stopped trying to lose weight so please stop spreading all this negative energy!”

At the end of his statement, Yin Zheng urged folks to still give his drama a chance. “The series is an outstanding piece. The director is awesome, the actors are all great and filming is about to wrap up. I know I’m not good looking and unsuitable (for the series). But the show is faultless and a great piece of work. I hope you give it a chance.”

Yin Zheng had previously turned to vlogging about his weight loss journey and drew attention for his entertaining posts.

Yin Zheng statement

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