Kim Heechul Hanging Out with Chingmy Yau’s Daughter Ayla Sham

Kim Heechul
Kim Heechul with Ayla Shum Yuet
Ayla with Kim Heechul
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Spotted hanging out this weekend is Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and Ayla Sham Yuet (沈月). Ayla, who was in town with Maxine Koo, is the eldest daughter of legendary beauty Chingmy Yau, one of Hong Kong’s most sought after actresses in the 90s, and her businessman husband Sham Kar Wai.

Taking to the ‘Gram to immortalise the moment, Ayla Sham Yuet shared photos of the three of them having dinner together and some of Heechul trying on her coat and purse. “My coat and purse looks better on you than me!” she captioned in Korean. Likewise, Heechul also paid a little homage to Chingmy when he popped up a selfie of himself and Ayla on his own Instagram page. “My friends Maxine Koo and Chingmy Yau’s daughter Ayla. Older sister Chingmy Yau  is the cutest, prettiest and most beautiful 3D woman I’ve ever seen. I think everyone my age will agree.

A self-confessed wuxia enthusiast, Heechul admits that the Hong Kong classic Kung Fu Cult Master was what spurred his love for the genre. Apparently, the idol loved the movie so much that he’d watched it more than 20 times already. In fact, he considers Chingmy Yau, who starred as Xiao Zhao in the 1993 film adaptation of Louis Cha’s novel The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, the first woman he fell in love with. How fitting is it that he’d now met Chingmy’s daughter, whose resemblance to her gorgeous mum as many people say, is uncanny.

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