Kim Heechul is the Successful Wuxia Fanboy After He Gets Noticed by Zhu Xudan

Kim Heechul is the Successful Wuxia Fanboy After He Gets Noticed by Zhu Xudan
kim heechul fan of bambi zhu xudan
South Korean idol-singer-host Kim Heechul has amassed many fans over the years for his wacky personality, unique style and many variety show appearances. Yet it’s always kind of amusing when such a popular figure is actually a fanboy too – this time of Chinese actress Bambi Zhu Xudan.

Kim Heechul watches wuxia
Kim Heechul had previously revealed that he was a fan of the 2019 Chinese drama Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber when he shared updates of himself watching it on TVYet it wasn’t until the recent episode of the South Korean reality show My Little Old Boy where the extent of his love for the drama was revealed. 

Kim Heechul wuxia fan
When comedian Lee Jin Ho came to visit his house, Heechul made his unwilling friend sit through his second time watching the 50-episode series. It was also on this episode where he shares that of the two female leads, he likes Yukee Chen but liked Bambi Zhu Xudan who plays Zhou Zhiruo even more. He also told Jin Ho to look at his ‘sister-in-law’ whenever she appeared on screen. 

Heechul’s love for wuxia seems to have started since he was young as he also admits to loving Kung Fu Cult Master which was the 1993 movie adaptation of The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber that starred Jet LiMan Cheung and Chingmy Yao. Apparently, he’s seen the movie more than 20 times and considers Chingmy to be the first woman he fell in love with. 

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For all his unabashed revelations, Heechul definitely got himself noticed. Zhu Xudan left a comment on one of Heechul’s old posts where he asked if the two of them looked alike. She says, “Hahaha, not alike ~ Thank you for liking <Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber>, for liking Zhou Zhiruo, I’ll tell her for you.” Heechul responds, “Support you, will watch your next projects well.”
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