Exes Jimmy Lin and Ruby Lin Spotted Together on the Same Stage, It’s Been 27 Years Since “School Days”

Patty Hou with Jimmy Lin and Ruby Lin

This is going to be quite a throwback for you all seeing that exes Jimmy Lin and Ruby Lin were both recently spotted on the same stage for an endorsement event together. Contrary to what some might’ve expected, things were far from awks between the two former flames. After all, it has been twenty seven years since Jimmy and Ruby dated! Not to mention Jimmy is occasionally spotted hanging out with Ruby’s hubby Wallace Huo so all must be good.

Nowadays though, it’s super rare to see these two sharing the stage together. However, the pair’s interaction seemed good natured and natural enough. Post event, Jimmy and Ruby sat down together with co-endorser Patty Hou for a chat with the press where they  continued to fend questions regarding their past and whether it’s awkward for them now. On being labelled as exes, Jimmy said it’s unavoidable, it’s a fact. Ruby said, “Good thing because we’e not even previous exes, but previous previous, previous, previous, a lifetime ago…” Commenting on the breakup, Jimmy said, “Whether there’s any hatred or something, there’s really nonebecause of distance everyone was working hard on each other’s career.” Ruby added that she was just a newbie too, that’s why they worked hard.

Is Your Phone Number the Same as 20 Years Ago?

Noting how the press kept circling back to the topic however, Jimmy laughingly bantered back to ask why they kept asking them that question. Turning to Ruby, he said “they’re all very experienced journalists, don’t let them get past you” he joked. Meanwhile, Patty was perhaps feeling a bit left out by all the questions. Remember how Barbie Hsu’s new husband DJ Koo said he “unearthed” Barbie’s ancient number from 20 years ago to reconnect? And that he’s lucky she didn’t change it otherwise they wouldn’t have gotten in touch and gotten married? Patty cheekily jumped into the conversation to ask “so, you two, are your phone numbers still the same as it was 20 years ago?” Such a cute mike drop moment. Jimmy even pretended to end the interview then and there, getting up from the table and saying “Thank you for coming!” before laughingly sitting back down.

Jimmy Lin and Ruby Lin met whilst filming their teen drama School Days 校園敢死隊 in 1995. The pair began dating soon after but broke up after three years. Ruby went on to marry Wallace Huo whilst Jimmy married actress Kelly Chen who actually also attended the event and even posed for photos with the three endorsers.

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