From Old Friends To Married, Ruby Lin Visited Wallace Huo on Set

From Old Friends To Married, Ruby Lin Visited Wallace Huo on Set
Ruby Lin Wallace Huo Something Winter Set
Ruby Lin, author Rao Xueman and Wallace Huo
On April 19, Something Winter 大约在冬季 announced that it has wrapped up 63 days of filming. While many are excited for the movie reunion between between Wallace Huo and Sandra Ma, married couple Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo’s interactions offscreen also deserve a mention as the two aren’t often seen together in public. 

As a show of support, Ruby Lin went to visit her husband Wallace Huo while he was filming in Taipei.  She even brought along some refreshments for the cast and crew.  

Ruby Lin Wallace Huo
It is interesting to mention though, that Ruby and Wallace almost didn’t end up together.  Despite crushing on Ruby in 2005, Wallace Huo didn’t exactly have the guts to confess his feelings for her.  He kept it a secret and stayed friends with her for at least 10 years.  Wallace later explained that the reason he didn’t confess back then was because he didn’t want to ruin the good friendship that they already had.  

Wallace Huo Something Winter
In a past interview, Wallace mentions that it was Ruby who first made contact with him.  Without that defining moment, he would’ve never made a move at all, he said.  Wallace Huo admitted that he had very few friends at the time so having someone like Ruby made him very happy and he was content with what they had back then.  He only had the guts to take their relationship up a notch when he felt he had achieved some degree of success in his career.  If you ask me, that’s a rather long time to hold off telling someone you like them, I think, but I do understand why he felt the need to wait until he made something of himself though.  

Ruby Lin Wallace Huo Something Winter
Ruby Lin and Patty Hou visit the set
All in all, Wallace Huo is very lucky to have a wife like Ruby Lin and vice versa.  The couple has been married for almost 3 years now.  Now with a young daughter, Wallace and Ruby are what couples should strive to be, friends who have known each other for a long time as well as partners who support each other through thick and thin.
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