Elva Hsiao Has Been Undergoing Surgeries to Fix Scar

Elva Hsiao Has Been Undergoing Surgeries to Fix Scar
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Poor Elva. The Taiwanese singer was accidentally bitten on the face by her pet dog last year. While the event itself is scary enough, the singer revealed recently that she’d have to undergo a few more surgeries to fix the scar left by the bite. Elva Hsiao is known to be a dog lover. So despite her wound being deep enough to require stitches as well as multiple surgeries to correct, Elva says she didn’t blame her adopted pet.

I’ve had so many surgeries, but I love my (fur) babies! I love my family, I love myself!”

Elva Hsiao
Photo: 蕭亞軒MISSELVA / Weibo

As a star so used to looking her best all the time, it hasn’t been easy as she spent a long time (over a year) to overcome what happened. Since the incident, some of you may have noticed that whenever she’s photographed, most often than not, the poses she adopts show her creatively covering the left side of her face with either her hand or her hair.

Elva Hsiao Live Stream

On a chatty “get ready with me” session where she’s broadcasting live, Elva reveals her scar. She said she’s doing it as a challenge to herself. Elva explains that because she got stitches, it has left a vertical line on the left side of her nose. She reveals she’ll be going through a few more procedures to sort it out. For now though, whenever she puts on makeup, she says she tries to make the scar appear more flat.

Thankfully, her fans are fully supportive, leaving her words of love, encouragement and praise as she deals with this. “looove you take care!” wrote one fan, “still my favourite Elva” said another. Many of her fans commented how beautiful she still looks and that they are looking forward to the release of her next song. As for her return to the industry, Elva urges her fans to wait for her.

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