Elva Hsiao Recovers from Dog Bite Laceration on Her Face

Elva Hsiao
Elva Hsiao on Instagram Stories

Media outlets reported last month that Taiwanese star Elva Hsiao was in the hospital after her pet dog bit her on the face. Her wound was said to have been deep enough to merit stitches, requiring Elva to be confined in hospital for at least two months before she was discharged. Since leaving the hospital, the star has pretty much kept a low profile and stayed out of the public eye. And it was not until today that we are able to see the full extent of her wounds after she posted an unmasked and makeup free screenshot of herself whilst on a call with a friend.

“I’m Ready”

Taking to Instagram Stories to share a photo of her unmade up face with her scars still visible, Elva writes “I’m ready”. It appears the damage caused by the dog bite was quite substantial judging from the redness and the swelling that’s still visible around her stitches. Thank goodness she’s alright though because a bite to the face is without doubt very scary.

Elva, who is well known to be quite the dog lover (she has five), said she that didn’t blame the dog because she understands it reacted out of fear of being abused like it did by his previous owners. She also reiterates that people wanting to adopt dogs shouldn’t be afraid to do so.

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