Surprise! Divorced Couple R.Chord Hsieh and Ex-Wife Liya are Expecting

Rchord Liya
R.Chord and ex-wife Liya are pregnant
Baby Hsieh on the way

Just when we thought Taiwanese singer-actor R.Chord Hsieh and his ex-wife Liya Chen Tingni were closing the final chapter to their relationship, there’s a new twist to their story as the couple just announced they’re expecting. Last week, the former couple made news of their divorce public on social media, so today’s baby announcement certainly took a lot of folks by surprise.

R.Chord, who’s mostly mostly known for penning the lyrics to the song “Gou Ai” featured on the Taiwanese drama, The X-Family 終極一家 excitedly shared: “I’m gonna be a dad! <party emoji>. I hope it’s a girl, ha men”. Meanwhile, Liya’s message was a bit more subdued but still filled with gratitude nonetheless. “Rocker Xie (谢摇滚) returns back to our side. Thank you everyone for your concern. Thankful heart.” On November 2 last year, Liya revealed the heart-breaking news that she had a miscarriage. She said she blamed herself for being a confused mum. Thankfully, she was able to get pregnant again.

(Top) 11 months after getting divorced, divorced again. (Middle) Referring to Barbie Hsu’s recent marriage news, “Divorced for 3 months, married again”. (Bottom) “I’m gonna be a dad!”

Despite having officially ended their marriage, it appears R.Chord and Liya are still on amicable terms. R.Chord recently revealed in a media interview that he and Liya were not unsuitable, it’s just that he prefers his freedom.  “I found out that I’m really not suited for marriage. I’m really a scumbag.” Even if they have separated, he said that they still have a good relationship. Now that there’s a baby on the way, that’s definitely a good thing especially if both exes plan to co-parent their child.

R.Chord and Liya new Baby

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