R. Chord Hsieh and Liya Divorce, Tells the “Next Mrs Hsieh” to Message Him

R.Chord Hsieh with his ex-wife Liya

Controversial Taiwanese singer-songwriter R. Chord Hsieh (Hsieh Ho-hsien 謝和弦) and his internet celebrity wife Liya (莉婭 / 陳緗妮) have divorced. Calling their marriage “a mistake,” R.Chord’s ex-wife Liya made the announcement on her Instagram this week saying “myself and R.Chord, we have officially divorced”. Liya also added that she “never left his side at his lowest, but I am so ready to give his freedom once he recovers. That time is now.” Thanking everyone for the concern as well as the media and the public for their interest over the past three years of her marriage, Liya promised she will work harder to improve herself.

Meanwhile, in complete contrast to the tone set by Liya’s announcement, R.Chord asked for some time to relax first. “Shhh! Let me chill for a second, ha men”. He followed up that up with a hashtag telling applicants wanting to be the next Mrs. Hsieh to sign up for the role by sending him a private message.

R.Chord Hsieh

Tumultuous Relationships

R.Chord’s personal life hasn’t always been smooth sailing. In February, an inkling that all was not well when Liya accused Maxine Chi (祈錦鈅) of being a third party in her marriage to R.Chord. Liya eventually apologised, but it wasn’t that much of an apology when she accompanied it with screenshots of chats between her husband and Maxine which paints her (Maxine) in a bad light. And despite Maxine’s efforts to tell the “whole story” by also releasing screenshots of their chats, the damage has already been done. Later, in a series of social media posts shared by Maxine of her conversation with R.Chord, he was heard telling Maxine “I just told her let’s get divorced, hehehe, there’s no way I can get along with her anymore” when she confronted him about what’s happening.

However, he is also being sued by his first wife Keanna Taiyh who he divorced whilst still pregnant with his child! Keanna had reported him to the police for his drug use back in December 2019. A week later, he announced that he was already dating a livestreamer named Liya and that he was divorcing Keanna who later had a miscarriage.

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