“Royal Feast” Hits 400 Million Views, Xu Kai Romances Wu Jinyan in a Drama That Mixes Food with Palace Politics

"Royal Feast" Hits 400 Million Views, Xu Kai Romances Wu Jinyan in a Drama That Mixes Food with Palace Intrigue

Five days since airing its premiere episode on MGTV on February 22, Huanyu Entertainment’s latest offering Royal Feast 尚食 has hit more than 400 million in viewership. Combining a delicious array of food, romance and court intrigue, Royal Feast reunites Xu Kai and Wu Jinyan four years after the hugely successful Story of Yanxi Palace in 2018.

When audiences last saw Xu Kai and Wu Jinyan, their doomed romance as “Fu-Ying” – the CP pairing Yanxi Palace fans christened them with, left many broken-hearted. This time around, it seems the on-screen couple have their fair share of sweet moments with each other. Does this mean that perhaps they’ll finally be getting their second chance at a happy ending after all? Maybe. Fingers crossed.

Remember back when Xu Kai’s imperial guard Fu Heng said, “Wei Yingluo, I watched over you in this lifetime…. can you watch over me in the next lifetime?” Viewers were crying to the sound of the theme song The Sound of Falling Snow 雪落下的声音 playing in the background. In Royal Feast, singer Lu Hu returns to perform the new theme song.

Set during the Ming Dynasty, Wu Jinyan plays a young palace maid named Yao Zijin who dedicates herself to the art of cuisine and her efforts to improving her culinary skills. Slowly but surely, she works her way up from a maid in the imperial kitchens to become top chef. Unexpectedly, love comes a-knocking in the form of Xu Kai’s Zhu Zhan Ji who as the emperor’s grandson is in line for the throne. Of course, this being a palace drama, there’s no shortage of schemes and intrigues threatening to buffet the pair. Yao Zijin and Zhu Zhan Ji must work hard together to outmaneuver the political machinations within the palace.

A Feast for the Eyes

Royal Feast is well, literally also a feast for the eyes. Aside from the romance, food also plays an important part in the story that it’s almost like an actual character in the show. From the sheer amount of screen time featuring dish after dish of yummy looking meals, it’s pretty obvious the production put in a great deal of time, effort and research to highlight China’s rich and very diverse food culture. Those food close-ups alone should make you feel super hungry!

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