Rainie Yang Shows Off Her New ‘Do

Taiwanese singer-actress Rainie Yang has been known to try out hairstyles and experiment with different colors and lengths. Plus, let’s not forget about her recent long locks, which she sported for her performance on the show The Flash Band 闪光的乐队. It seems she’s decided to try something different this time.

In her photos on Instagram, Rainie introduced her recent hairstyle as the “Block Cut.” The hairstyle which used to be popular for men has over the years become increasingly popular for women. Known as the two-block cut, it’s a type of haircut where the front is cut short but the hair in the back is longer. The style sported by a number of female celebrities is typically long, but it seems Rainie wanted a shorter version as she wrote, “Sure enough, I still ended up cutting my hair, I don’t want to keep it long…”  

While she finds her new do fashionable, she does feel that it’s not very easy to manage. But she also shared some tips, “You can decide according to your mood whether you want to tuck your hair behind your ears or not, whether to leave the bangs or not, just like the effect I presented in the photo! The hair color is a berry color suitable for winter. Because I dyed my hair before, the colors as a whole has the effect of highlights, not bad right.”

So, what are your thoughts on her new hairstyle? Do you think it’s a yay or a nay?

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