Michelle Chen Eliminated from Sisters Who Make Waves 2 Whilst Bestie Rainie Yang Tears Up

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Best Friends Rainie Yang and Michelle Chen both appear in Sisters Who Make Waves

Real life besties Michelle Chen and Rainie Yang both appear in the second season of reality comeback show Sisters Who Make Waves 乘风破浪的姐姐 2, with the former as a series contestant and the latter brought in as a challenger. But while Rainie wowed audiences with her performance, Michelle didn’t fare as well, ultimately leaving the show after being eliminated.

A Heartfelt Farewell Message

Michelle Chen

After her dreams to appear on the show’s final stage was cut short, Michelle wrote a long post thanking everyone for their hard work including the staff that looked after her. Looking back, she said that while the ride wasn’t easy, it was fun. Appearing on the show forced her to move forward and allowed her to relive the energy of her youth.

I love this version of myself. I have gained something from this experience and I now have a deeper understanding of my own shortcomings. But I firmly believe that I like the stage. I hope that this show is a starting point for me. Regardless of age, women, as long as they’re willing, can ride the wind and waves any time, and I will continue to work hard for my dreams” she wrote.

Another thing she also expressed was the big regret for not being able to appear on stage with her bestie Rainie Yang. “I hope we will have the opportunity to meet on other stages in the future. But I am pretty sure that we won’t be absent in each other’s lives.”

Teary Eyed

Meanwhile, cameras also caught Rainie tearing up after learning her friend got eliminated from the show. Later, she said “her (Michelle) leaving made me feel very sad and unwilling to see her go, because I know how hard she worked and how much she wanted to improve … She want to be a good performer. She shouldn’t be leaving the show at this time. If we were placed in the same group, I think there would have been great sparks”.

Awwww it’s really regrettable to see anybody being eliminated after working so hard for their dreams. However, it’s amazing how these two friends continue to lift each other up! Hope we’ll see Michelle in more projects soon.

Michelle Chen Eliminated from Sisters Who Make Waves 2 Whilst Bestie Rainie Yang Tears Up

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