Julian Cheung Pokes Fun at Anita Yuen’s Love for Bags Saying He’s About to Go Bankrupt

Julian Cheung Pokes Fun at Anita Yuen's Love for Bags Saying He's About to Go Bankrupt

On the show Braving Life 我们的滚烫人生, Hong Kong star Julian Cheung Chi-lam “consults” a lawyer with a question about his wife Anita Yuen Wing-yi whom he’s been married to for 21 years. He said, “If the wife spends her husband’s money like crazy, is it considered illegal?”

The lawyer responds, “That’s a great question to ask, how to define it is based on your financial income, family’s economic condition and what your wife likes.” He said if their family is experiencing financial hardships because of buying bags then it’s not good. But according to Chinese law, husband and wife are equal, even if the man is earning outside while the wife takes care of the kids, income is split in half. He adds, “If Anita is happy buying bags, your life will be easier too.” Julian jokes, “No, no, you think too highly of me, I’m about to go bankrupt.”

Anita Yuen's love for Hermes
Anita in an older post from 2015 saying, “I quite like the color orange.”

Over the years, Julian Cheung would often “expose” his wife’s obsession for branded bags on public television. Anita herself would also post photos of different luxury bands on social media. She’s also known to be a huge fan of French luxury brand Hermès having said that she likes the color orange. Julian’s reenacted several times how Anita would suddenly leave him behind whenever she spots a store and would ask to see the bags in stock before turning around to ask him to buy everything.

As unwilling as he sounds, Julian Cheung definitely seems ever supportive of his wife that even netizens also joke about their dynamics. Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen got married in 2001. Anita gave birth to their son Morton Cheung on November 12, 2006 at age 35.

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