Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen’s Teenage Son Catches Flak Due for His Response That Chinese Netizens Deem to Be “Unpatriotic”

Morton Cheung and his parents Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen

Not even Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen’s 15-year-old son Morton Cheung was exempt from the scrutiny of Netizens after a pretty standard “ask me anything” session led to some unexpected controversy. Chinese Netizens accused him of being pro-Hong Kong independence from his answer to the question “are you in China now?” posed by a follower on Instagram.

Photo: Morton Cheung Instagram

No not right now” he said. However, what sparked the outraged online was the accompanying photo he used to show his current location which was a view of Hong Kong’s famous harbor front – implying that he is currently in Hong Kong. Now while this may all sound harmless enough, super nationalistic Chinese Netizens didn’t seem to think so with many accusing him of having a pro-Hong Kong independence stance. Because to them, his response seems to imply that Hong Kong isn’t a part of China.

Anita Yuen Says It’s Their Fault as His Parents

The brouhaha over Morton Cheung’s statement even spilled over to his mum Anita’s social media where Netizens cursed and attacked her son’s words. In fact Anita had to jump into the fray to defend her son and “claim responsibility” for not properly teaching him the correct terminology.  She explained that the misunderstanding was rooted on things being “lost in translation” since Morton was responding in English. Anita also said that they have “repeatedly emphasised the correct terminology” to their son so that he won’t repeat this mistake again. “Reflecting on the criticism we received, we also realised that the problem lies in the fact that we neglected to regulate his incorrect expression. This is really our fault as parents.”

Anita Yuen defends her son
Anita Yuen defends son Morton Cheung

Lastly, Anita reiterated in her statement that she loves both her country and Hong Kong and supports one China. “This is an indisputable fact. We will do what we must as Chinese people, and we will certainly not do what cannot be done. Thank you all for your tolerance and concern.”

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