Akira Seemingly Shuts Down Wife Lin Chiling’s Surrogacy Rumors When He Said, “Hope She Will Get Better Soon”

Akira Seemingly Shuts Down Wife Lin Chi-ling's Surrogacy Rumors When He Said, "Hope She Will Get Better Soon"
Photo: Lin Chiling / Weibo

Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chiling surprised everyone when she revealed that she and her Japanese singer-actor husband Akira have welcomed their first child. Pregnancy after 35 is already considered high risk. With Lin Chi-ling becoming a new mother at age 47, speculation rose on whether she had a surrogate.

Akira recently appeared for an event in Japan where he accepted a video interview with Taiwanese media. On becoming new parents, he said he and his wife don’t really have any differences on raising a child. They both wake up to care for the baby at midnight when he’s crying, hungry or needs a diaper change.

Akira also said that he’s most grateful towards Lin Chi-ling. She used to be a workaholic but put her family first after marriage. On becoming a father to their baby boy, he said, “All couples in the world have different problems. From getting married to having children, we have overcome many difficulties together. Chi-ling never gave up, and she was very firm in her beliefs, so we ultimately got what we wanted the most.” Akira reveals that Chi-ling likes to drink chicken soup, which is why during this time, he would often cook for her to care for her. He said, “We will drink soup together. Hope that Chi-ling will get better soon.” Akira’s comment about his wife’s recovery is being interpreted as his indirect way of shutting down rumors that their baby was born via surrogacy.

He added that he and his wife are happy to answer work-related matters. However, when it comes to things related to his son and his future, he said, “We have already said what we can share.” On who their son took after, he shared that their son looks like both of them.

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