Tong Liya Is Divorced and Single, Her Studio Slams Remarriage Rumours and Says Three People Have Been Arrested

Tong LIya
TOng Liya

Actress Tong Liya has become the target of rumours that she tied the knot with a senior Chinese official. Moreover, because it is said that any mention of the pair was immediately blocked online, Netizen’s imaginations were further roused that something was indeed going on. Tong Liya Studio recently released a statement to rebuff the allegations. They confirmed that the case has already been reported to the police for investigation.

“Divorced and Single”

Tong LIya Studio Statement

Tong Liya Studio revealed that the actress had already filed a police report back in December 22nd  to investigate the fabricated claims she is remarried to a senior Chinese official. They also added that police already arrested the three suspects responsible for the stories. With regards to her marital status, the studio stresses that “Ms Tong Liya is currently divorced and single. She has never committed any behaviour that is considered immoral”.

Even before the news of her remarriage started trending online, speculation was rife that the actress was in a secret relationship with a high ranking official named Shen Haixiong and that the pair allegedly kept their relationship under wraps given his position. There were also allegations that the pair hid their romance for years while still married to their respective partners.

Tong Liya has been single for only half a year after divorcing her husband Chen Sicheng in May of 2021. Throughout their seven year marriage to each other, the celebrity couple was subjected to countless speculation that their marriage was on the rocks. In 2017, Chen Sicheng was embroiled in a cheating scandal that alleged he spent the night with two women. Tong Liya was also spotted sans her wedding ring.

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