Jin Xing, a Famous Host in China Known for Being a Transgender Woman, Demands To Know Why She’s Not in the Poster for a New Show

Jin Xing

Variety show Work for Dream 了不起的打工人 is already serving up some off screen drama even before it hits the small screens after show host Jin Xing lambasted show producer Jiangsu TV for their actions.  Hosted by Jin Xing, Huang Xiaoming, Qiao Xin, Li Xikan, Shu Congxuan and Wang Cong, the problem started when the network suddenly cut the seasoned host out of Work for Dream’s promo posters. This left a thunderstruck Jin Xing to demand for an explanation as to why she wasn’t in the poster of the new show.

The most important person is missing in the picture.…A certain network named Jiang TV shouldn’t be like the rest, give us a reason why!” challenged an angry Jin Xing on social media. The seasoned host continued her rant by saying she didn’t understand what went wrong when she tried to be a positive energy to all of the show’s participants. “During the recording of the program, I encouraged and reminded students returning from overseas to approach things realistically and practically when they come home. How to promote our national brand to the world and to let them know what a Chinese success story is. Is the output of such a positive mindset problematic for you #JiangsuTV#? Please explain!

Jin Xing demands an explanation

This Has Already Happened Before

In her subsequent posts, Jin Xing also revealed this is not the first time this sort of thing happened to her. Naming a few shows such as her own Jin Xing Show 金星秀, Golden Night 今夜百乐门 to Shine! Super Brothers 追光吧哥哥 and Terrific Hitter了不起的打工人, she said despite her patience each time, the end result is always her getting beaten down. “Because of my preference, I’m subjected to someone abusing their power to delete or temporarily ban my work. First, it is discrimination. Second, it is abuse of public power. This is not beneficial to the rule of law at all.”

Indeed in the past, the host previously shot footage for the second season of Dragon TV’s Shine! Super Brothers. Yet despite her promoting the show, when the first episode rolled around, she was nowhere to be found at all! It appears all her scenes were cut out from the show. Netizens previously speculated that Jin Xing may have had a falling out with the show’s producers because it’s super rare that anyone is suddenly cut out of a show. Others wonder though if her being transgender may not have gone down so well with television executives. Meanwhile, the show’s premiere originally set for December 30 has been postponed.

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