Yang Mi Cautiously Optimistic About Finding Love

Yang Mi Cautiously Optimistic About Finding Love
Photo: Yang Mi Studio / Weibo

Despite ending her marriage to Hawick Lau three years ago, it seems Yang Mi still hasn’t given up on love altogether. The Novoland: Pearl Eclipse star remains cautiously optimistic, revealing in an interview recently that she is “hopeful, always hopeful to find love”. However, she also believes that “love may not be as important as you think. In fact it’s just one of the many things you experience in life.”

When it comes to matters of the heart, the actress admits that she has a pretty “chill” attitude towards finding it. “I don’t really put in too much effort. So maybe this is all in vain? I always feel that if you deliberately chase after it and don’t let it come naturally, love will change its taste”. It is for this reason that she says playing Hai Shi in Pearl Eclipse was such a breath of fresh air and whose go-getter attitude she hopes to try and emulate in real life.

Despite their circumstance – Hai Shi being a disciple of Fang Jian Ming and him being the emperor’s baixi, Hai Shi wasn’t shy about making her thoughts known and pursued her shifu relentlessly. “Whether it was in my previous roles or in real life, I’m a relatively passive person. I don’t take the initiative to pursue a person, especially in my own life when I feel like it’s almost impossible to happen. So really, this role allowed me to see things with a fresh set of eyes, to try new things, to actively pursue it and to see how it’s like to love so earnestly.”

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