Huo Zun’s Ex Chen Lu Suspected of Extortion as the Cancelled Singer Filed a Case with the Police

Huo Zun
Huo Zun
Photo: Huo Zun and Chen Lu / Weibo

Some updates on the Huo ZunChen Lu saga. It appears the Shanghai police has taken measures against the singer’s ex on suspicion of racketeering and extortion.

Last August, the singer announced his departure from showbiz after allegations from his ex-girlfriend Chen Lu surfaced accusing him of cheating multiple times all throughout their nine year relationship. Although the singer denied her accusations, what is known to the public is that money changed hands between the two exes. Chen Lu claims the singer tried to buy her silence whilst he claims she tried to blackmail him for money.

Then in September, a blogger posted a video recording of the “negotiation” between Huo Zun, Chen Lu and her friend Wang Meng. In it, Chen Lu and Wang Meng can be heard trying to talk him into agreeing to their payment terms and telling him that he shouldn’t have any problems raising money.

According to Chinese media The Paper, Huo Zun and his family reported the extortion case to the Shanghai police for investigation last August. A case was then officially filed against her in September. It appears there maybe be a new development since reports say that police took action against Chen Lu on December 22 on suspicion of extortion. Reports also say Chen Lu applied to be released on bail whilst awaiting trial.  

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