Christy Chung’s Daughter Yasmine Wins Runner-Up On Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant

Christy Chung daughter Yasmin
Source: Yasmine Ross Instagram (@yasmineross_)

The apple does not fall far from the tree they say. In Yasmine Ross’ case, the 23-year-old daughter of Christy Chung appears to be following in her mum’s footsteps, placing second in this year’s Miss Chinese Vancouver pageant.

Christy Chung is no stranger to the pageant scene herself, having won the Miss Chinese Montreal crown back in 1992 and the Miss Chinese International competition in 1993. Christy’s win paved the way for her entry into Hong Kong’s showbiz scene, a move her daughter Yasmine is hoping to take a page out of since she too has plans to enter showbiz after the competition.

Prior to yesterday’s finals, Christy gave her daughter a shoutout, saying she hopes everything goes well for Yasmine. “In mum’s heart, you have always been a multi-talented, unique, excellent and kindhearted daughter. I hope you fully enjoy your experiences in the competition, shine on stage and ride the wind and waves! Mum and the whole family will always support you, love you! Good luck!” she cheered.

Yasmine showed off her guitar skills in the talent competition and proud mum Christy was all praises for her daughter’s great sense of humour and eloquency during the swimsuit and Q&A bits of the pageant.

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