Christy Chung Photographed at a Famous Temple with Husband Zhang Lunshuo, Possibly Praying for a Child?

Spotted recently at a temple is Hong Kong actress Christy Chung who was there with her husband Zhang Lunshuo offering prayers at the temple complex famously dedicated to the goddess Guanyin. Could it be that the couple is praying to the goddess to bless them with a child? Some Netizens seem to think so since the actor himself also shared a photo of the both of them posing in front of the giant statue of the goddess Guanyin at the pilgrimage site. Not only that but Zhang Lunshuo also replied with a “hopeful to receive good luck” to a comment from a person who said they were blessed with twins after offering prayers at the sacred mountain. That itself could be a telling clue as to why the couple were there. 

Prior to tying the knot with her actor husband in 2016, Christy has been married twice and has children with both her exes. With husband Zhang Lunshuo, the Sisters Who Make Waves contestant is yet to be blessed with child and was even forced to reveal a few years ago that she was undergoing IVF treatments after being called “old and fat” by some people.
I really hope things will work out well for the couple and that they’ll finally get their wish this year.
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