Was Zhang Zhehan Quietly Back on Social Media?

Zhang Zhehan
Zhang Zhehan
(L): From the now deleted account Netizens suspect belongs to the actor (R): Old photo of the actor with his dog

Did Chinese actor Zhang Zhehan quietly make his way back into social media? Netizens seem to think so particularly those who recently stumbled upon an account that they think might belong to him.

This summer, in spite of the phenomenal success of his drama Word of Honor, Zhang Zhehan found himself in the middle of a very public outcry which resulted in him being declared persona non grata in China. You see, old photos of the actor posing with the controversial Yasukuni War Shrine in the background had surfaced along with pictures of him at a wedding with Dewi Sukarno who herself is considered a controversial figure. With his actions deemed unpatriotic and disrespectful of Chinese history, an industry wide boycott soon saw almost all traces of the actor removed from social media including his Weibo account.

Recently however, Netizens came across an account with the handle Duo Rou Pu Tao 511 Bei (多肉葡萄511杯) which many think could be his “secret” side account. For one, “511” on the account’s handle also coincides with the date of the actor’s May 11 birthday. Then, there’s the new photo shared by the account which was captioned “Lu Fei’s (路飞) Growth Diary”. Lu Fei is the name of the actor’s fur baby.

What do you guys think? Are Netizens just grasping at straws? Or do you reckon there might be a nugget of possibility that a gradual comeback is still possible? Fans are no doubt hopeful to see his return, whilst others remain angry. “Why can the Han traitor now post on Weibo” asked one Netizen. Another said “do you think the internet has no memory?” 

As of press time however, the account can no longer be found as it seems it’s been removed or taken down.

[CORRECTION:] The old photos do not show him visiting the shrine as stated in an earlier version of the post which has been corrected.

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