Sophie Zhang Attempts to Recreate Athena Chu’s Famous Wink in “A Chinese Odyssey”

Sophie Zhang Attempts to Recreate Athena Chu's Famous Wink in "A Chinese Odyssey"

Athena Chu teaches us a thing or two about how to be THAT girl that lifts other women up. Popping over to Sophie Zhang Xueying’s social media page, the A Chinese Odyssey actress left some words of support and encouragement after Sophie criticised her own attempt to replicate Athena’s winking scene as Zixia from the 90’s classic.

No comparison no harm, started upon comparing, too ugly and a huge embarrassment hahahaha! Might as well take this opportunity to mention this Friday’s #HiDirectors#” wrote Sophie as she took to social media to make fun of her own performance. The actress was tasked to act for an episode of Hi Directors 导演请指教 – China’s very first survival show for directors, and felt like she just couldn’t pull it off. “The classics cannot be reproduced!” she added. Sophie Zhang also reveals that her version Love 爱情 actually tells a completely new story.

SOphie ZHang makes fun of her performance
Sophie Zhang makes fun of her attempt at Zixia as Athena cheers her on from the comments section.

Unbeknownst to her, a pleasant surprise will be coming in the form of a sweet comment from Athena herself on Sophie’s post. “Good Luck! Looking forward to your interpretation” she wrote.  Isn’t it lovely to see words of encouragement from the original Zixia? I can totally imagine how super excited Sophie was when she responded “ah ah ah ah guess who’s jumping around! Me! The “Zixia” forever in my heart! I love you! Thank you for your encouragement (can you see my heart thumping like a coconut?)

How amazing is it to find out the OG actress of the role you’re trying to replicate is cheering for you?

Athena Chu Sophie Zhang
Here’s a side by side of both actresses as “Zixia”

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