Shawn Wei Qianxiang Confirms He’s Married and Has a Child

Shawn Wei Qianxiang Confirms He's Married and Has a Child

It was recently reported that Shawn Wei Qianxiang has gotten married following the birth of his child. The 34-year-old actor who has starred in a number of dramas may be remembered by some as the tormented second lead in Goodbye My Princess. He has been private about his personal life throughout his showbiz career of over a decade though he was spotted going home with a female companion earlier this year. He did not make any comment back then but the woman is presumed to be his wife now that he’s revealed to be married.

Wei Qianxiang’s agency confirmed that the actor and his wife actually got their marriage license in 2020 and gave birth to their first child this year. As their baby girl recently celebrated her 100th day, the couple decided to hold the wedding ceremony and birthday at the same time. A photo from the venue in Shanghai shows the bride and groom in wedding attire with their baby girl. Wei Qianxiang expressed the reason they kept things away from the spotlight is because his wife is not part of the industry.

On November 20, Wei Qianxiang took to social media to say, “Thanks everyone, entering the next chapter of life with more responsibility and mission, I will work even harder from hereon.”

Shawn Wei Qianxiang Wedding
Photo: Shawn Wei Qianxiang with his wife and daughter / @娱乐有饭

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