Not Cancelled: Kim Seon-Ho’s Planned Movie Debut in “Sad Tropic” Pushes Through

Kim Seon-Ho

In a reversal of fortune, South Korean actor Kim Seon-Ho appears to back on his feet with his planned movie debut in Sad Tropics declared a go despite allegations of him coercing his ex to get an abortion practically saw his career getting cancelled.

Two weeks ago, the actor’s ex-girlfriend Choi Young-ah alleged that the Hometown Cha Cha Cha star talked her into getting an abortion before ultimately dumping her. Her accusations not only damaged his reputation, it also ensured Kim Seon-ho, whose good boy image made him one of the most bankable stars in the industry, was dropped like a hot potato by his various film, variety show and endorsement projects.

A Good Boyfriend ?

Since the scandal exploded, Kim Seon-ho has only spoken out once to apologise for his actions. However, recent revelations from the various text messages released by Korean news portal Dispatch showing messages sent by Choi Young-Ah to the couple’s friends at various points in their relationship suggest that she hasn’t been entirely truthful with her claims and that he may have been a caring boyfriend after all. Not only that, but that he was a good boyfriend willing to take responsibility only to be taken advantage of by his ex.

Catching a Second Break

With everything that’s happened, it seems the actor is getting his second chance with South Korean media reporting that plans for him to star in the film Sad Tropics will push through. Unlike two of his film projects 2 O’Clock Date and Dog Days from which he was forced to step away from following the scandal, producers of Sad Tropics confirmed their decision to keep him on after a long deliberation. Likewise, the actor’s agency also confirmed the news saying “Kim Seon-ho will indeed star in Sad Tropics. In repayment for the opportunity given to him, the actor will carefully prepare for this role.” Filming for Sad Tropics will officially start in December and marks the actor’s big screen debut.

Meanwhile, ads featuring Kim Seon-ho as its endorser such as Miima face masks, Canon Korea and shopping platform 11ST have all followed suit and are now back up.

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