Kim Seon-Ho Apologises After Allegations of Forcing Ex to Get an Abortion (UPDATE: His Ex Cites Misunderstanding in Her New Post)

Kim Seon Ho
Kim Seon-Ho in Hometown Cha Cha Cha
Photo: Hometown Cha Cha

Finally breaking his silence on Wednesday October 20, South Korean actor Kim Seon-Ho released a statement today publicly apologising for his actions after rumours linked his name to a mysterious “Actor K” who forced his ex-girlfriend into having an abortion.

With the series finale airing on October 17, what should have been an exciting week for the Hometown Cha Cha Cha star didn’t go as expected after a Netizen claiming to be the ex-girlfriend of an unnamed popular actor posted online saying she was forced to have an abortion whilst they were still dating and later got dumped by her “two faced and shameless” ex. Although the woman referred to him only as “Actor K”, Netizens surmised that she was referring to Kim Seon-Ho whose popularity skyrocketed after appearing in Start-Up and the uber popular Hometown Cha Cha Cha which just ended its run.

Admitting to Being “Actor K”

In an apology which came a few days late, Kim Seon-Ho in his statement admitted to causing the woman harm and expressed his regrets for his thoughtless behaviour. He said that he dated the woman with great affection, but that he hurt her with his carelessness and inconsiderate actions.  He also added that he wanted to properly apologise to her in person but since he is unable to do so, he is apologising to her sincerely through his written statement.

Moreover, Kim Seon-Ho also said that he’s “sorry to disappoint everyone who have always believed in me. But I forgot that it’s because of the people who’ve always supported me that I am able to stand before you as the actor Kim Seon-Ho. To everyone affected, especially the people involved in the production, I am sorry for the trouble caused by my shortcomings. I genuinely apologise to everyone who was hurt.”

Fall Out

How this scandal will ultimately affect the future of his rising career is still unknown. However, with today’s cancel culture, it’s unsurprising that brands he’d previously been endorsing have already started pulling the plug on their contracts. Domino’s Pizza for example has already culled the actor’s ads from their social media. Likewise, KBS’s popular series Two Days and One Night, a show Kim Seon-Ho appears in regularly, just confirmed they will be dropping him from their regular roster.

Update: The same day, Kim Seon-Ho’s ex came back with a new post. She wrote, “Because I indirectly caused damage to a lot of people, I’m sorry. The time when he and I truly loved each other once existed. I also feel bad seeing him suddenly ruined because of some of my extreme words.” She reveals she has received an apology from Kim Seon-Ho and also said, “there seems to be some misunderstanding between us.” She hopes that the internet will stop spreading content inconsistent with facts and refrain from disseminating her private affairs. She will take down her post.

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