Netizen Apologizes for Using the Identity of X-Nine’s Yan Xujia to Buy a Diamond Ring

Yan Xujia
X-Nine Yan Xujia

X-Nine member Yan Xujia is a recent victim of identity fraud after a Netizen admitted to stealing his information to make a purchase under his name. Posting under the handle 霍嚯嚯嚯hl on Weibo, the Netizen wrote a handwritten message of apology to explain his actions together with proof that he only used Yan Xujia’s identity to purchase a ring.

Prior to this, Netizens had been talking about how a few known celebs had purchased diamond rings from the brand Darry Ring (DR) which may or may have not led to some speculation of them proposing. Yan Xujia was amongst the names in that rumored list of celebs allegedly engaged that included Song Weilong, Xia Zhiguang and Huang Junjie amongst others.

Following the speculation, the idol’s team quickly shut down the rumours confirming through a statement that he has never purchased a diamond ring from the brand and that the phone number registered is not his. Aside from condemning the illegal use, disclosure and acquisition of Yan Xujia’s personal information, they also encourage people to be more discerning when it comes to fake rumours.

X-Nine Yan Xujia Statement
a statement from Yan Xujia’s Team slamming the rumours as fake

Netizen Says Sorry

Yan Xujia’s denial was later solidified when a Netizen surfaced to apologise for illegally using the former R1SE member’s personal details, saying that he was a minor at the time and that he had no malicious intent when he used the idol’s information to buy the ring. “Hello everyone, I am the person who made a purchase from DR using Yan Xujia’s ID number. I would like to make a clarification and hope to get the understanding of Yan Xujia himself and his fans who love him. I sincerely apologise here because my unintentional mistake has caused such a big misunderstanding. In the future, I will exercise more caution when using personal information on the Internet. I will chase stars rationally and resist all acts of divulging personal information.”

An apology

The Netizen also implored the idol not to press charges against him. “I implore you not to pursue my legal responsibility.” He said that after placing the order, he contacted DR’s customer service to modify the details but was told that it was not possible.

Now you may be asking why the need for an ID just to buy a ring? According to Darry Ring’s policy, a customer can only purchase (and customize) a ring from them only ONCE. To ensure this, the company requires customers to register their name and ID which is unique to each citizen. Once this is done, a “true love” certification is issued by the brand which they say “can never be changed”.

Darry Ring
Photo: Darry Ring

Thankfully, Yan Xujia’s information was just used to purchase a ring. This could’ve just as easily snowballed into something else had it fallen into the wrong hands.  

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