Li Bingbing on Her Struggles with Insomnia

Li Bingbing on Her Struggles with Insomnia

After an emotional shoot on the reality show Encounter in the Corner of the World (lit.) 奇遇人间角落 where she witnessed an owner and pet saying their final goodbyes, Li Bingbing who said she must have cried years worth of tears found it to be a form of release.It seems to have prompted her to take to social media to open up about her struggles.

Li Bingbing
A clip of Li Bingbing on the reality show / Weibo

On Her Health

She reveals, “In the past few years, my health has not been very good. I have been seeing a doctor but there’s always no major problem upon examination, yet I get tired inexplicably, my eyes hurt, I feel weak, fragile, sensitive, afraid of cold and wind, and the scariest thing is to get no sleep!”

Li Bingbing has tried different methods like counting sheep, listening to books, music or Guo Degang’s cross-talk but they’d only last for a short while before she’d be back to square one. When her friend introduced her to a doctor that prescribed her with very strong medication to help her sleep, she was full of hope like she usually gets at the thought of a new treatment but it didn’t work. She says, “I completely lost hope.” Li Bingbing also shared that she’s afraid of the cold and wonders if anyone is like her.

Li Bingbing ends on a hopeful note though as she no longer felt cold the night she came home and began thinking that the past few days have helped her. She says, “May all lives, whether pets or humans, be cherished and treated kindly.” Many left comments in support of the actress.

The 48-year-old actress has a number of projects under her belt with her last movie in recent years being The Meg in 2018. Li Bingbing also co-owns Hesong Entertainment with her sister which is home to artists like Zhao Liying. Earlier this year, her love life was in the spotlight after she revealed that she’s back to being single.

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