Li Bingbing Reveals She is Single Once Again

Li Bingbing FI
Li Bingbing for Vogue

In an unexpected turn of events, it appears Li Bingbing is single once again. The 47-year-old actress admitted in an interview for Vogue that she and her 31-year old boyfriend of four years Xu Wen Nan have already parted ways but that it was a mutual decision.

I never would’ve thought by looking at their super affectionate photos that these two would not end up working out. Since they went public about their romance in 2017, it really looked liked Li Bingbing and Xu Wen Nan’s relationship was headed in the right direction. Remember when malicious rumours surfaced last year alleging Xu Wen Nan was blackmailing her for money? Well, Li Bingbing stuck by her man. But alas, in the end, I guess things just weren’t meant to be.

I No Longer Have A Lover

When the topic of her love life came up during her Vogue interview, the actress’ first reaction was to say “I don’t have a lover anymore”. Li Bingbing emphasised that the breakup was a decision they both agreed to mutually after having a long chat. Praising Xu Wen Nan for being a sunny and kind person, the actress said that “this relationship I had with him allowed me to redefine love. I think a good kind of love allows you to see the whole world through one person.”

Li Bingbing also said that her ex is a very good person. However, despite all his efforts, he is often attacked and maligned by others. “We originally thought that love was just between two people. Later we realised that in the face of rumours, no matter how firm you are, you will be shaken. In this relationship, I am the one being cared for. People treat me with more tolerance, but they have been spreading malicious rumours about him. Love requires two people to be happy, having only one person happy is just being demanding” she says.

Li Bingbing's Vogue interview

That’s the reason why they have chosen to separate Li Bingbing said. However, although the two have chosen to go their separate ways, the actress says they will always consider each other to be closer than their own flesh and blood.

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