Li Bingbing’s Manly Look for GQ China

Li Bingbing’s Manly Look for GQ China
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It’s really amazing how just a hairstyle can greatly change someone’s look, even to the point of turning a gorgeous woman into a charming man. 

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Li Bingbing has recently been the subject of attention over pictures of her manly transformation in the famous Men’s Magazine, GQ China. The beautiful actress can be seen sporting a rugged hairstyle while wearing an assorted number of suits for the shoot. 

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Other than the pictures, a video showing how the transformation happened was also shared by Li Bingbing herself. After putting a wig on the actress’s head, the stylists began trimming it to achieve the perfect hairstyle that would suit her male alter ego. That and some make-up tweaks has definitely turned the beautiful Li Bingbing into a heartthrob. Admittedly, there’s still a feminine vibe going on in her look but I’m not sure if it’s just because I know it’s her underneath the fake hair and makeup. Overall, my final say is that she will surely make a fine leading man.

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