Ivy Chen’s 2-Year-Old Son Makes His Social Media “Debut” Doing Yoga

Ivy Chen Son
Ivy Chen
Ivy Chen with her super cute son

Okay so it’s not actually Xiao Chu’s first foray into mum Ivy Chen’s social media since Ivy lets us catch an occasional glimpse of the little munchkin through the edited photos she sometimes shares. What makes this a special “debut” in that sense is that it’s the very first time Netizens are getting to see what Ivy’s 2-year-old son looks like. Does he look like his mum? Or his dad director Hsu Fu-hsiang?

Celebrating her 39th birthday on November 12, Ivy popped up some photos of her super adorable son hamming it up for the camera. “Starting off together, intentionally growing together” she captioned. Perhaps Xiao Chu inherited his sporty mum’s love for yoga as he attempts to do a bakasana pose? Or does he enjoy doing art projects with her more. Pretty soon though, he’ll have another sibling to goof around with as Ivy is currently pregnant with her second child, a girl.

Ivy Chen's son
Xiao Chu

Last September, Ivy Chen caused some concern after posting a photo on Instagram which some Netizens claim made her look gaunt. Ivy’s agent later clarified that because the actress practices yoga and is fairly active during her pregnancy, she managed to maintain her weight. Of course, there’s her morning sickness too which was far more serious during her second pregnancy which also contributed a great deal to her not gaining any weight at all.

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