Ivy Chen Who’s Pregnant with Her Second Child Responds to Comments That She’s Too Thin

Ivy Chen Responds to Comments That She's Too Thin: "Are My Eyes Bulging, Bad Netizens."

Ivy Chen Yihan and her director husband Hsu Fu-hsiang registered their marriage in August 2018. Their son Xiao Chu was born half a year later in February 2019. The 38-year-old actress who is currently pregnant with their second child, a girl, recently took to Instagram to show off barefaced photos of her new summer look sporting short hair and bangs.

While some complimented her look, there were comments about her eyes, how she looked too thin and old. Some fans were concerned about her health. The next day, Ivy Chen fired back on social media, “Are the eyes bulging? Chou (Bad) netizens.” Ivy’s agent clarified that there is no so-called “weight-loss.” However, Ivy did not become heavier after pregnancy and simply maintained her weight at 48kg. Ivy has always been sporty and continues to post photos about her active lifestyle. Her agent also said that Ivy’s morning sickness has become more serious compared to her first pregnancy which could be the reason why she did not gain any weight.

Ivy Chen pregnant
Ivy Chen at the badminton court

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