Anna Fang Stresses Friendship After She Was Spotted with Li Yifeng at a Ski Resort

Anna Fang
Anna Fang
Photo: Fang Anna / Weibo

The nature of Li Yifeng and Anna Fang’s relationship is once again under the spotlight after the two of them were spotted by paparazzi vacationing at a ski resort together. Li Yifeng and Anna Fang have always insisted that they were just friends, and when romance rumours cropped up anew, Anna took to social media to deny any romance between herself and the actor.

Anna was photographed wearing a pink ski suit as she hit the slopes together with Li Yifeng. But it hardly looked like the romantic getaway as some people think since the pair were there with friends like Gina Jin Chen who was also photographed by the media. The two were spotted together later in the evening when Li Yifeng hopped into Anna’s car after a dinner out with friends to return to their hotel.

Anna Fang and Li Yifeng
The figure in black is said to be Li YIfeng whilst Anna is the person in pink

Everyone, get used to the idea, it’s a bit hard not to see (the obvious). We promised each other our children will have fun together too when we’re old. I hope you will all still be by his side up to that point and bear witness to our friendship” wrote Anna Fang.

In March, the two friends were amongst the celebs subjected to wild rumours after an entertainment blogger hinted at the love life of an unnamed actor. Because Li Yifeng was recently spotted with Anna Fang at a hotel together, Netizens assumed that the blogger could’ve been alluding to them. While Li Yifeng quickly refuted the speculation and said they were just good friends, I guess many still believe they were more than just friends based on their closeness.

Anna Fang

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