Zheng Shuang Takes to Instagram to Continue Dishing Dirt on Her Ex Saying: “You Owe Me An Apology”

Zheng Shuang Seemingly Accuses Ex of Being a Pick Up Artist After Posting Explicit Photos of His Mistress Last Week
Photo: Zheng Shuang Zhang Heng / Weibo

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Zheng Shuang’s once thriving career is now in tatters thanks in part to her ex Zhang Heng who played a big hand in exposing her actions to the public. Although her social media presence in China has been shut down, it appears the disgraced actress has turned to Instagram. Not only did she release some very explicit photos of a woman people are surmising was Zhang Heng’s mistress whilst they were still together, she’s now accusing him of being a pick-up artist who set out to take advantage of her.

On September 29, Zheng Shuang popped up blurry photos on Instagram of what is clearly a woman giving someone oral sex. Claiming that the actual photos in her possession are all very clear, she said she’s still waiting for a public apology. Netizens assumed that the posts were her way of hitting back at her ex-boyfriend and alluding at him cheating on her with the woman in the photo.

Two days later on October 1, Zheng Shuang once again shocked everyone by posting an uncensored photo of a woman in a compromising position. “Don’t blame me for being ruthless and for failing to protect you. When things started going downhill, I didn’t protect myself by releasing your videos. I believe this is just a fraction of the suffering” she wrote. Moreover, Zheng Shuang angrily accused the woman of doing nothing to help her: “watching me being attacked by the internet, did you not feel any responsibility at all?

The explicit posts have been removed from Instagram. However, the actress once again wrote a long post on October 4 to accompany a document (Nomination of Guardian for Minor Children) she shared to show she didn’t abandon her kids as she and Zhang Heng appointed a guardian for them just in case.

Zheng Shuang also accuses Zhang Heng of being a pick-up artist (PUA) who tried to take advantage and make money off of her by trying to control her. She substantiated her claim by uploading a screencap of fund transfer records made from Zhang Heng’s account to an account called Langji Tianya (浪迹天涯) back in 2019. The thing is, Langji is an organization well-known for systematically teaching members how to manipulate their other halves! PUA companies gained so much traction in China such that the government started to crack down on their unethical ways a few years ago.

The saga to the tumultuous end of Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng’s relationship appears to be far from over in this latest volley from the actress. What say you of this latest development?

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