Zhang Heng Drops Another Explosive Recording of Zheng Shuang After Losing Lawsuit

Zhang Heng Drops Another Explosive Recording of Zheng Shuang After Losing Lawsuit

The beef between exes Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng seems far from over. The two are not only embroiled in a custody battle for their two kids, Zheng Shuang has also won a civil suit that she filed against Zheng Heng over money. At the time, Zhang Heng lost his appeal and threatened to reveal the entire truth. On April 27, Zhang Heng has dropped audio recordings accusing Zheng Shuang of tax evasion among others.

Zheng Shuang Accused of Engaging in Yin Yang Contracts

The alleged voice recordings and screenshots of conversations Zhang Heng had with Zheng Shuang and her parents show Zheng Shuang wanting a RMB 180 million (equivalent to USD 28m) talent fee for her role in the drama remake of A Chinese Ghost Story Chinese, which her parents thought were a bit much. Her mom can be heard saying, “so the industry nowadays is very bad, really if you exceed RMB 50 million, you’ll get in trouble.” Their chat shows Zheng Shuang saying that it’s fine if they get RMB 2 million a day which adds up to the RMB 160 million (equivalent to USD 25m) talent fee that she’ll received for 77 days of filming.

In another conversation, it’s implied that Zheng Shuang’s mom was referring to yin yang contracts (a yang contract reflects a lower price allowing for less taxes to be paid while a yin contract contains the agreed upon amount) when she talked about opening her own company since Shuang has four contracts. Zhang Heng also includes a copy of the contract for A Chinese Ghost Story indicating a talent fee of RMB 48 million while the remaining amount of RMB 112 million is paid to a different company. There’s also a chat between Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng where she shows him the plane tickets she photoshopped in order for expensing. There’s another conversation where Zheng Shuang jokes about not wanting her dog anymore since the hospital bill is more expensive than the dog.

Zhang Heng Speaks Up

Accompanying his claims, Zhang Heng took to Chinese social media to say, “Recently, the crazy whitewashing and fabrication of rumors that have distorted facts on the internet has left me shocked. I have been struggling and thinking about the way to prove my innocence. In a way it’s funny, how can a person prove that he has not done something? For example, as a professional lawyer, Zheng Shuang’s lawyer accused me of instigating Zheng Shuang to evade taxes without any evidence and said that Zheng Shuang objected to it. If this is to accuse me of being a scumbag, I can bear it, but this is a matter of public interest.

Taxes are used to meet the public needs of society. Our science, technology, culture, health, environment, national defence and safety, to put it plainly, our public schools and public hospitals are also all dependent on taxes. Tax evasion is not my personal grievance with her. It is a matter of right and wrong. Tax evasion is related to the vital interests of every citizen. I cannot prove my innocence. I can only perform my own obligation to report as a citizen. I leave my innocence to @State Taxation Administration whom I trust.” Zheng Shuang’s side has yet to respond to this new round of accusations from her ex-boyfriend.

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