Zheng Shuang Sued by Jade Lover Producers, Zhang Heng Glad that Visa Has Been Approved

Zheng Shuang Sued by Jade Lover Producers, Zhang Heng Says the Visa Has Been Approved

The brouhaha over Zheng Shuang’s surrogacy and abandonment scandal may have waned, but the divorce and custody battle with her ex Zhang Heng continues to rage on. New details about the pair’s pre-trial session held earlier in the week were leaked once again by a friend of Zhang Heng’s who shared on social media that Zheng Shuang tried to drag the trial scheduled for March 22 back to July. However, he also said that this request was immediately thrown out by the judge so it appears the March date is all set.

Zhang Heng later seconded this bit of news, who in a now deleted post said “Grateful that the visa got approved today and also thankful that the unreasonable request was rejected. Otherwise it will be unreasonably delayed until summer”. What visa is he talking about and does this mean their two babies get to finally come home? I sure hope so, but why delete his post? Netizens have pointed out that as the plaintiff who initiated the case, there’s no reason for Zheng Shuang to be asking for a delay in the proceedings.

Zheng Shuang Sued by Jade Lover Producers, Zhang Heng Says the Visa Has Been Approved

Zheng Shuang Sued by Jade Lover’s Producer

Meanwhile, it appears the fallout from Zheng Shuang’s scandal is far from over as new legal woes have arisen from her drama Jade Lover 翡翠恋人 whose producer is reportedly suing the actress for a “service contract dispute”.  According to information on Qichacha, a court date of March 23, 2021 has been set between production company Dongkai Zhixing as the plaintiff and Zheng Shuang as the defendant. The drama hasn’t had the best of luck in recent years, first bogged down by China’s Hallyu ban which saw the air date of the Zheng Shuang and Lee Jong Suk helmed drama shelved for five years already.

Things appeared to be looking up for the drama, that is, at least until Zheng Shuang’s scandal exploded earlier this year. Thanks to her now declared persona non grata in the industry, it appears Jade Love’s won’t be airing as planned this year (or even air at all!).

Aside from Jade Lover, Zheng Shuang still has a few other dramas that have yet to hit the small screens though I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if the air date of Secret Keepers 绝密者 and A Chinese Ghost Story只问今生恋沧溟 will also be postponed to an indefinite date.

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